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Kim Achelis-Hoggan

Nurture Your Body • Nurture Your Self

Offering a style of massage where you keep your clothes on. Performed on a massage floor-mat, or massage table. As well as offering private and public yoga sessions to nurture and support your vibrant life.

Kim Achelis-Hoggan


Improve your mobility with a mat-based or table-based massage infused with Eastern and Western Traditions including assisted stretch, Osteopathic techniques, range of motion, acupressure points, (optional) lifestyle adjustments and pressure that is customized for you.

Learn more about mat-based massage, table-based massages and the foot spa experience.


With over 2,000 teacher training hours, I offer a variety of classes and styles to help you build strength and flexibility to meet your individual goals.

Learn more about private and public yoga classes.


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