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Postural Restoration Institute

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) is an innovative physical therapy school that focuses on identifying and correcting common posture problems. PRI works directly with the nervous system with specific positioning, breathing, and engagement techniques to rewire your system through a myo (muscle) kinematic (movement) approach to improve well-being.​

By using the therapeutic approach my goal is to assess your unique compensatory patterns and teach you how to move toward body symmetry through targeted manual and non-manual exercises. 


At Nurture Bodyworks, I offer a unique skill set that blends my massage experience with my PRI training. My goal is to address your current alignments while assessing your unique body composition to target the root cause and create exercise programs to retrain you muscles and you brain in order to improve comfort and mobility.

Neuro-Kinetic Restoration Offerings

- Initial Assessment and Personalized Techniques 

- Start with a movement pattern assessment to identify the underlying cause of your pain or dysfunction.

- Learn the  techniques to help you restore normal movement and function.

Get a customized plan to practice at home enabling you to make real progress.

- Follow Up Sessions:
  -Reassess structure and muscle functionality.

- Refine your poses, breathing techniques, and muscle activation.
  - Review and progress customized plan, while building awareness of your body's response.

- Neuro-Kinetic Session and Massage:
  -Identify postural patterns and imbalances for a more effective and tailored massage session.
-Target specific areas that are causing tension and pain, while also reducing stress on the nervous system.

- Prioritize recalibrating your brain-body connnection for lasting change and enhancing overall body function.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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