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Massage Sessons

Rather than other forms of massage that primarily focus on soft tissue, Kim's massage services are curated just for you and involve assisted stretching, gentle or deep compressions, joint movement, and trigger point therapy. Sometimes referred to as "passive yoga", this unique fusion of massage helps to restore joint health and relieve aches and pains while rejuvenating your spirit.  Whether you are active, bound to a desk, or somewhere in between, schedule a massage today.

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Massage Offerings

Fully Clothed

This will help you relax and provides better access which improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

(Wear clothes that don't limit movement, shirt and long pants that stretch, no zippers.)

Mat-Based & Table-Based Massage

Whether you feel more comfortable on a mat or a table you will enjoy the benefits of this unique massage modality. 

Massage & Neuro-Kinematic Restoration

With a clear understanding of your needs based on assessments and exercise performance, massage can be used to further aid in realigning the body.

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